“my research topic”

The current crisis in higher education: Turfloop students’ perception of protest and violence as a form of communication.

For communities and the State to engage each other in negotiation and bargaining regarding life and death issues such as service delivery, jobs and crime, they need to have a shared language or set of symbols to communicate their desperation or commitment to a cause but does it have to be the language of violence?

It was the great Mahatma Gandhi who said “I contend that non-violent acts exert pressure far more effective than violent acts, for the pressure comes from goodwill and gentleness”. Is this really the case? are non-violent protests more effective than violent protests? Why do other attempts at communication fail? What are students’ view of this? these are the kinds of questions i will be attempting to answer with the students of University of Limpopo looking at the 2015 feesmustfall crisis.

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