Poor loan graduates

Just wrote that one last exam of your final undergraduate or postgraduate level and surprisingly enough, it went quite well. That amazing feeling as the weight on your shoulders is uplifted, the pressure and stress of tests, quizzes, assignments and presentations vanishes. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news to you loan graduate, and let me welcome you to the other thousands of unemployed graduates with the same degree as yours, who are also yearning and waiting for that one break-through.

It’s all fun and games, until it finally hits you, at last back at home, it’s been months since you have been applying for internships but still nothing. Some start losing or gaining weight due to this stressful times, the questions and pity start to annoy the hell of you and social media doesn’t help too, looking at your friends progress, getting jobs while you are still waiting for your opportunity to make it big.

 “What are you up to?”

“Still nothing huh?”

“What degree did you do?”

“Don’t worry you’ll be strong, your time is coming

The overthinking starts, where, why and how it all went wrong. But then again there are those who are strong, smart, always planning their next move and with the will to survive, even so, you won’t make it if you lack endurance, aren’t prepared for failure and you lack the patience to wait, you will drown. You don’t have to suffer in vain, there are a few things you can do for example as BA (communication studies/media studies) graduate you can volunteer at your nearest community radio, as a radio presenter, producer, journalist or news reporter in order to gain experience and boost your resume. Or even further your studies via Unisa if possible. Or maybe get a temporary job it beats staying at home watching other people progress in life.


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